Kallion Kantaattikuoro – Program 4 May2024, Prague

  • Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) - Soi kiitokseksi Luojan (lyrics A.W. Forsman)
  • Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) - Locus iste
  • Markus Virtanen (1984-) - City Psalm (Psalm 46:5)
  • Jaakko Hulkkonen (1927-2008) - Minä kunnioitan sinua, Jumalani (Psalm 145: 1-2)
  • Einojuhani Rautavaara (1928-2016) - Ehtoohymni (Evening Hymn ” O, Gladsome Light)
  • Ahti Kuorikoski (1939-2017) - Kristus on noussut ylös (Christ is Risen) (lyrics Jaakko Haavio)
  • Toivo Kuula (1883-1918) - Rukous (Prayer) (lyrics Eino Leino)
  • Allen Pote, arr, Robert Delgado - The Prayer of St. Francis ( lyrics St. Francis of Assisi)


Soi kiitokseksi Luojan

Glorify the Lord, my fragile song of praise,
who brings us all what is good
and a shelter forever.
He, the loving Father
always cherishes his creatures
and guides all so proficiently
from heaven above.

He ordains all the weathers
and calms all waves of sea.
He drives away the cold nights
and lets the harvest grow.
He leads us into happiness
as well as the difficult times.
Who could ever explore
the depth of that love?

Evening Hymn “O, Gladsome Light (from Orthodox All Night Vigil)

O Gladsome Light of the Holy Glory of the Immortal Father, Heavenly, Holy, Blessed Jesus Christ! 
Now that we have come to the setting of the sun and behold the light of evening, 
we praise God Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
For meet it is at all times to worship Thee with voices of praise. 
O Son of God and Giver of Life, 
therefore all the world doth glorify Thee.

Kristus on noussut ylös (Jaakko Haavio)

He, whom we thought to be remained in the grave –
we suddenly heard speaking aloud.
With his wounds shining he stood among us
leading our hearts
from the hovels of sorrow to dwellings of joy,
from the time of darkness to the heavenly light.

Let us break all latches of doors,
sisters and brothers, the mercy is for us all!
Blow, Spirit! Fire, light!
My soul, hear now and forever:
Christ is risen!


Oh, come thou brightest Christmas night,
oh, be born within our hearts,
oh, be born within each soul,
who seeks: whence? whither?
Oh, be born peace into my chest
as was born the child in the manger,
you my young peace with a laughing mouth,
you my flower with golden locks.

And eagerly would my thoughts of vain knowledge bow down to you,
some bringing gold, others myrrh,
some pearls and purple garments.
My spirit’s wise men, grey-haired,
roam the wilderness in search,
but the sky is dark and starless
and the night ever grows dimmer.

I aged old as a child.
I have never been young.
Yet once I dreamed of spring,
but those dreams were foolish.
I am tired of my song’s falsehood.
Lord, make me a child again!
I want to take my shattered music
to the great tuner.