Kallion Kantaattikuoro

Kuoro Kallon kirkossa 2022
Photo:Keijo Saaristo

Kallion Kantaattikuoro (Kallio Cantata Choir) was founded  in 1911 as the choir of Kallio congregation in central Helsinki. Since that the choir has served as an important part of the spiritual life of the congregation, as well as given hundreds of concerts during its existence. 

Today the choir has over 50 active members. Repertoire consists of both traditional church music classics as well as a lot of contemporary music, also written for the choir. During the years, the choir has had active composers as its conductor. The choir constantly performs music by its former conductors Ilmari Krohn and Ahti Kuorikoski. In the latest years the choir has performed also some new music by their bass principal, musicologist and composer Markus Virtanen and will perform again later in 2024. Kallion Kantaattikuoro has regularly performed the cornerstone works of church music, but is also interested in less known musical pearls. 2018 the choir produced the seldomly performed Stabat Mater by Toivo Kuula. 

Since 2011 the conductor’s post has been held by Tommi Niskala (*1986). Tommi graduated from Sibelius Academy in Helsinki having studied both church music and conducting. Tommi is an active and versatile musician, performing constantly as a conductor, organist and vocalist. Mostly he has been heard as a tenor soloist of the works of baroque era, but he fluently jumps to different parts crossing the borders of musical genres.